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Fiberglass Trench Digger

Fiberglass Trench Digger

Earth Talon
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Perfect for digging and clearing trenches, the pro-series Trench digger features a sharp and pointed tip made of a 2 mm steel blade that focuses its energy at the point to make digging easier. Its embossed ribs reinforce the blade for rigorous use. The shovel is made out of a fiberglass shaft that can resist to a pressure of 225 lbs, a capped rubber tip & grip handle, a rubber sleeve handle and a redesigned 2 mm steel blade that goes 25% deeper than a regular shovel.

It is the perfect shovel/trench digger for:

  • Laying irrigation pipes
  • Digging a compost trench
  • Removing deeply rooted plants
  • and more!


  • Weight (lb): 4.4
  • Total Length(ft): 4.8
  • Embossed, Sharpened Blade
  • Blade thickness: 2.0mm
  • Capped rubber tip & grip
  • Rubber sleeve handle
  • 5-year warranty

Pro series contractor grade shovel. Made for compacted rocky soils and hard clay. Reinforced ribs for rigorous use. Better than a regular shovel. Focuses energy at the point to make digging easier.