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This month's featured product as chosen by Rosie on the House Staff

Customer Reviews

"The [HexArmor LT250] glasses arrived today! The fit on these is nice. They go over the glasses (and hearing aids) well. The grey ones are about the right tint for outside work. I think that one of the reasons these work well, compared to others I've tried, is that the front frame arcs around the face of the glasses, and the hinge is well back of normal.  There isn't competition from the two pairs of glasses at the hinge point. This allows for a better wraparound lens (I feel quite protected in these) and less fiddling to get them set right. I can just slide them over the existing eyeglass bows and go."

David D.

My husband is very pleased with the [HexArmor Thorn Armor] gloves. The size is perfect. And he is “looking forward” to “attacking” some thorny plants while using the gloves. 😊

Debbi L.

This is a high-quality, very versatile Adjustable Bungee Cord. The adjustment feature means that I no longer need a drawer full of miscellaneous bungee cord sizes. I bought it to tie patio curtains to the outdoor pillars during windstorms, but I can also adjust the size and secure items for transport in the back of my truck. Great product, Thank You!

Marie S.

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